Want to Develop Your Creative Confidence?

Let stitched shibori techniques foster your imagination .

Are you interested in learning shibori tie dye but do not know where to begin? This course is an introduction to shibori or sophisticated tie-dye as I like to call it. You will learn how to create your very own decorated and dyed textiles.

Let me guide you. I have been a shibori artist for 15 years and I taught myself through practice, trial and error. I have so much expertise and experience I want to share. 

First you will learn one stitch with many variations. You will learn this from step by step videos.  Then you can follow the two bonus videos to build on your skills and open out more design and pattern possibilities.

This course is perfect for beginners to shibori and those who would like a grounding in good shibori practice.

What you will learn

  • Three simple stitched shibori techniques with a myriad of design applications
  • Secrets of shibori technique to ensure your success
  • How to create simple and stunning stitched shibori fabrics with flower and leaf patterns
  • The simplest way to dye your shibori fabric

What this online shibori course includes

  • Online self paced learning
  • Clear instructional videos for each stage of the process
  • Tips and hints to make your shibori sewing a success
  • Template patterns to download as printable PDFs
  • Annabel's help and assistance via a private Facebook page and email

What you can achieve

  • Four samplers of grass and flower shibori designs
  • Make two attractive cushions, complete patterns included
  • Make a beautiful wreath design using all the techniques you have learnt
  • Create your own designs for other beautiful household textiles
  • Embellish, decorate and upcycle your clothes with the patterns provided

This course teaches all you textile enthusiasts to take your first steps to creating your own nature inspired textiles through stitched shibori techniques

Watch Intro Video

Let Me Tell You About My Online Shibori Course

in this short video

Learn How to Shibori & Create a Lovely Cushion

You will learn all the skills and be given all the information to create this decorative rectangular cushion. 

More Shibori Techniques - Two Bonus Lessons

Learn Ne-Maki and Maki-Age Shibori

Clear step by step videos to explain these two shibori techniques. Learning these additional techniques will open even more possibilities of creating flower patterns and designs. Three PDFs are available to make simple collections of garden flowers plus a beautiful circular wreath. 

Illustrations of these patterns are shown below.

How to Shibori Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction and Welcome

    • Quick Course Guide

    • PDF Sewing Equipment Requirements

    • PDF Dyeing Equipment Requirements

    • How to transfer the pattern templates to the fabric

  • 2

    Lesson 1 Creating Simple Lines

    • PDF Pattern for Lesson 1

    • Part 1 First Steps: Preparation for Starting Shibori Sewing

    • Part 2 Sewing Step by Step

    • Part 3 Finishing and Gathering

  • 3

    Lesson 2 Creating the Flower Patterns

    • PDF Pattern for Lesson 2

    • Part 1 Preparation

    • Part 2 Sewing Flowers: Type A, B and C

    • Part 3 Gathering and Finishing

    • Part 4 Weighing Fabric and Preparing for Dyeing

  • 4

    Lesson 3 Dyeing with Rit Dyes

    • PDF Instructions and Dye Quantities

    • Part 1 Description of Equipment & Setting Up Dye Bath

    • Part 2 The Process of Dyeing

    • Part 3 Unpicking Your Design "The Reveal"

  • 5

    Lesson 4 Create Your Own Project

    • Guidance on Creating Your Own Project

    • Flower Type A Additional Designs

    • Flower Type B Additional Designs

    • Flower Type C Additional Designs

    • PDF Pattern for Rectangular Shibori Cushion

    • PDF Pattern for Square Shibori Cushion

  • 6

    Bonus 1 Ne-Maki Shibori

    • How to Position and Sew Beads in Shibori

    • PDF Pattern Template for Simple Flower with Beads Design

  • 7

    Bonus 2 Maki-Age Shibori

    • Learn How to Sew and Bind Simple Shapes in Shibori

    • Five Sided Flower Template

    • PDF Template of Flowers Combining All Stitches

    • PDF Pattern Template for a Circular Wreath Design Using All Stitches

Online Shibori Course Cost

One off payment

Testimonials for Annabel's Workshops

This is my first online course but lovely things have been said about my in person workshops!

You teach so well and so patiently and with such nice humour, I enjoyed the workshop enormously

Just to say how much I enjoyed the workshop and I sensed everyone else did too, just the right balance of information and friendly encouragement.

Thank you for introducing me to the very lovely art of stitched resist shibori. It has opened a beautiful new world for me.

Your Shibori Teacher

Annabel Wilson Shibori Expert

I am Annabel, I love teaching people shibori techniques and get great pleasure from seeing my students produce something beautiful and surprise themselves. I get so much pleasure from my shibori sewing I hope others will too. I am teaching my skills online because I can then reach so many more people around the world. I have been a shibori artist for 15 years following many years as an interior designer and illustrator. Alongside my teaching I make colourful shibori lamps. I design and publish a series of more challenging stitch resist shibori patterns. All my work is inspired by the natural world.
Annabel Wilson surrounded by her textile lamps


  • Is this course suitable for complete beginners to shibori?

    Yes it is. You just require a love of hand sewing. You will learn the very first steps and gradually build your skills from there. The course is also suitable for those who have some experience of shibori but would like a good grounding in basic techniques and ways of working.

  • How long will the course take me?

    To learn the basic skills, techniques and dyeing it will be 5 to 6 hours work. But I would suggest dividing the sewing and the dyeing into shorter sessions of 2 to 3 hours. And of course you can take the course at exactly your pace and do an hour here or there. Once you have learnt the techniques you can then create your own designs or follow the patterns to produce the cushions.

  • What equipment and materials do I need?

    The joy of shibori is that it requires very little. The basic equipment is plain cotton fabric, needle, thread, scissors and some heavier weight thread. For dyeing you will need to buy your dye (approx £8) and the rest of the equipment required can be found in most kitchens. (eg a small bucket or bowl, various size old spoons, salt, rubber gloves) It is important to get the thickness of fabric right and guidance is given on this.

  • Can I get help if I have any queries during the course?

    You will not be left on your own! There will be a private Facebook page where you can ask questions and share your successes. You can also contact me by email and I will endeavour to answer your queries. I may not respond immediately but I will come back to you within a few days or so.

  • Do I need internet access and a printer?

    The course is run completely online. A tablet or laptop would be preferable to a smart phone to view the video lessons. A printer or access to a printer is required to print out the patterns.

  • How long will I have access to the course and when does it start?

    The course is self paced. Once you have signed up you can start immediately. You will have access to all the course materials for one year.

  • Can I share this course with a group of friends?

    Please respect all the energy, love and commitment that has gone into creating this online course and do not share it with friends. I share knowledge that has taken me many years of experience teaching classes and practicing this art. For those who have difficulty paying for the course I will be setting up a bursary at a future date.